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​​Days at Sea

The latest recording from César Páucar!  Featuring solo guitar pieces as well as improvisations featuring Cesar's guitar loops. Among the highlights are "Mother and Daughter" (with special guests Angel Pariona on Andean winds and Martin Venegas on percussion), "Sail Away" (a solo guitar improvisation using guitar loops), and "Sleeping Doves" (with Magali Luque on cello accompaniment). Instrumental guitar pieces written by Troy Gifford and Magali Luque are also featured. Includes a bonus track featuring "Imagen Irreal" as sung by Magali Luque.




De Amanecida (At Dawn's Door)

A blend of Peruvian and Latin American rhythms with flamenco and latin-jazz guitar featuring some of Peru's most respected artists.

2007's "De Amanecida" (At Dawn's Door), recorded in Peru, features guitar instrumentals as well as four songs with lyrics, sung by some of Peru's most respected artists: Saywa (Andes music singer) on "Lost Dream" and "Late At Night", Afro-Peruvian singers Lourdes Cárhuaz on "Black Is Not A Color", and Rosa Guzmán on "Lima Dressed In Gray".

In 2009, "De amanecida" was nominated for a JPF Music Award in the Best South and Central American Album category, and the track "Lima Dressed In Gray" for Best South and Central American Song.





Palahia Street
Latin American rhythms fused with flamenco, latin-jazz, and Peruvian guitar.


From 2003, "Palahia Street" contains rhythms from throughout Latin America, interwoven with guitar techniques from flamenco and Peru. Rhythms range from cumbia ("Cañaveral") to merengue ("La Bombonera"), from Afro-Cuban ("Jhomanna") to guaguancó ("Azúcar y canela"). The haunting Andean melodies and sounds are included in pieces like "Zamba del alba", "Pamperos", and "Shinguirito." It was around this time frame that César briefly lived and performed in the Hawaiian Islands, and several songs pay homage to the Hawaiian scenery, such as the title track, "Diamondhead Dream" and "4 Days In Maui." 



Rumbos Rítmicos (Rhythm Roads)

Music from Peru and South America, ranging from the Andes mountains to Afro-Peruvian rhythms.

On "Rumbos Rítmicos" (Rhythm Roads), his first recording, César taps deep into the well of Peruvian guitar music. By studying with Peruvian guitar masters such as Raúl García Zárate and Félix Casaverde, he takes the guitar styles of his teachers and makes them his own. As the title suggests, the variety of rhythms showcased range from the Andes to the Afro-rhythms that influence Peru's seaboard. Two songs are sung by Peruvian artists: the Andean huayno "En la orilla" by Saywa and the landó "J.C. ¿Cómo está uste'?" sung by Lourdes Cárhuaz. The other instrumental numbers present music for solo guitar as well as accompaniment by Afro-Peruvian percussion.


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